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"We're all mad here!"

By Monday, October 13, 2014

As part of my birthday celebrations, my best friend Sarah and I went to The Sanderson Hotel for their very special Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea.

We were treated to a cocktail at the Long Bar whilst waiting for our table and these certainly impressed. Sarah had a cinnamon and cucumber G&T which was the size of her head and I went for a rum based elderflower delight. We were then escorted to our table which was laid out with plates and teacups covered in intricate patterns of birdcages, birds, clocks and scribbles of 'tea'.

There was a story book on the table which when opened up, showed us the delicious menu, placed on top of a box filled with sugar cubes which showcased a dancing ballerina when opened. A beautiful waiter came over and explained that we had two hours for our experience and placed down a tray of four glass bottles and asked us to decide which flavoured tea we wanted. Sarah and I swiftly picked up the glass bottles and started sniffing in awe. We had a choice of two from apple pie, strawberries and cream, mint choc chip and rhubarb and custard. They were all divine but decided on the strawberries and cream and apple pie. These were presented to us in giant teapots wearing crowns with pictures of the Queen of Hearts. They didn't disappoint.

Then the main event happened and our towering teacup plate arrived. This was jam packed with interesting savoury and sweet snacks which were all presented in a very creative way. There were sandwiches, savoury scones, sweet scones, pastries, sponges, carrot meringues, marshmallow toadstools and a 'drink me' glass bottle which had a different flavour with every sip. We were so full but couldn't stop eating and discovering all of the unusual flavours. Green tea and white chocolate cheesecake along side sundried tomato scones and sandwiches rolled up which looked like chocolate mini rolls.

It was a truly magical trip down the rabbit hole and I highly recommend you check it out! I definitely suggest you go for the champagne option... I always choose the champagne option. Every time.