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Iguassu Falls Round 2 & São Paulo

By Saturday, August 08, 2015

Today I woke up absolutely dying a death of cold which was very unfair. Colds hit me hard and I look like I've been crying for 2 days straight which is a strong look. Sarah was a champ and went to buy me some pills and an industrial sized packet of tissues and I soldiered through the day. Obviously still moaning about how shit I felt, sorry Clifford!!

We were leaving in the afternoon to head to São Paulo for one night and a day stopover before my final port of call, Buenos Aires. In the morning we missioned to see the Brazilian side of Iguassu Falls which did not dissapoint. It's much quicker to do than the Argentinan side as it's only a 1.5k trail whereas yesterday, we walked 10k. If I had to chose one side to visit if time was short, it would be Argentina purely because you see the falls from every angle possible and it's mind blowing. However, if you have time it is SO worth doing the Brazil side as you get to walk down a platform which takes you into the spray of the falls and you get absolutely drenched. It's so much fun and it certainly cleared my cold for a few minutes. 

So impressive! Walls of water with countless rainbows all around. Somewhat magical. With drenched feet and feeling pretty damn cold, we headed back to lie by the pool in our hostel for half an hour to warm up before we headed for our brief trip to São Paulo. I was feeling pretty ropey so was looking forward to an early one to recuperate. Two flights and a taxi later, we arrived at our VERY strange hostel. We were in a 6 bed dorm and luckily we were the only ones staying in there as I've never seen a room so small. We had to somehow drag our bags up a ridiculously small windy staircase, which didn't feel secure. How 6 people and our backpacks would fit in this room, I do not know. But anyway, we luckily had the room to ourselves which was a treat and settled down for an epic sleep. 

I woke up feeling fresh as a daisy and we decided to sunbathe by the pool for the day to soak up the last of the sun on my holiday. This however, was not possible. The pool was a small square of water, full of rubble and trees and the walls were so high that no sun would ever creep in there. It was like the place Mufasa tells Simba to avoid. Terrible. 

We admitted defeat and decided to find a park to lay in instead. Couldn't find one anywhere could we. São Paulo has parks that are more like small forests. No places to sit in the sun. We finally found a small park type place but it wasn't grass, it was concrete but we had been wandering around for too long so plonked ourselves down and pretended it was ideal.

Half an hour passed and we were soaking up some sun at last, but then we got bloody kicked out for having a bikini top on! We couldn't understand a word he was saying and I'm still not completely sure what the problem was, but we decided to hide our obviously hideous top halves and go get a coffee instead. Starbucks saved the day and we sat eating chocolate, drinking coffee and chatting for the rest of the day before catching another flight to ARGENTIIIIIINA!! Three days left and the last stop on my travels so let's do this, bitches. Bring. It. On.