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Buenos Aires, Argentina

By Sunday, August 09, 2015

There are certain places that I've been in the world that now hold the best memories, simply for the people I met in that specific town or city. Buenos Aires is one of those places for me and I would go back in a heartbeat if I could collect all of the people we met and take them back with me.

We arrived quite late at night and grabbed a taxi to our hostel. We landed to horrific storms and Sarah's plane came in an hour after mine, she turned up looking pretty shell shocked and utterly relieved the plane landed in one piece. There was an electric storm going on outside which I'd never seen before but the whole sky lit up as if it was midday momentarily.

After forty minutes and lots of lightening later, we arrived and proceeded to take the ancient lift up to the sixth floor. I'm pretty sure the lift was from the Titanic and you had to slide two doors open and closed whenever you wanted to use it. Safe.

We checked in and decided to sleep to prepare for a big one the next day. This is when we met two of our roommates, CC and Lewis, who were getting heavily on the booze. They left us to be boring and we slept like a dream until we woke up to even more rain and I knew my tanning days were behind me. That day we decided to chill out, drink all of the Argentinian red wine, eat good steak and go to an Argentinian tango class. The hostel sorted us out and we were booked on for a night of embarrassing dancing that evening.

We braved the weather in the day and headed to Cafe Tortoni for a coffee and some churros. I drank the most incredible iced coffee which was flavoured with cinnamon and orange. I was in heaven. I highly recommend. By the time we got back to the hostel, we decided to get ready for our tango class and wanted to drink alllll of the wine. Argentinian red wine is the best and what better place to drink it in large quantities, than Argentina itself. We roped in Lewis and CC and headed to the wine shop to stock up. Me and Sarah decided to treat ourselves to the good stuff which came to a hefty sum of £3.00. Best place ever.

Our hostel had a pretty awesome rooftop with incredible views of the city, so we headed up with some tunes and some mugs to have a few glasses of vino before we went dancing. A few more guys from New Zealand joined us and we all chatted and laughed as the sun set.

Sarah, myself and Josh from Canada all danced off feeling rather rosy from the wine and went to our tango lesson which was hilarious. We were all rather drunk at this point because after asking Sarah to grab us a GLASS of wine to share before our pick up arrived and she ended up getting a bottle. We'd had about a bottle each by this point before the night had even begun. Dancing was brilliant and terrible at the same time. I was useless but it was fabulous. We all got a certificate at the end so we are now fully graduated tango dancers. Get me to that stage immediately.

After the lesson we were treated to a show and more wine and dinner. The wine was free flowing and the steak was to die for, so by the time we left we had rosy cheeks, red teeth and the drunk giggles. We headed back to our hostel where everyone else were happily drinking away ready for a night out. We of course taught them some tango and got back into more drinking, which escalated quickly. I love nothing more than being in a hostel, drinking with people you've only met that day and feeling like you're a group of life long friends. It's my favourite thing in the world.

After even more wine, we all headed out to a club which I can't really remember much of apart from there was a lot of gin, a lot of dancing and a lot of fun.

It was CC's last night, so shots and toasts were had to end his travels in style. There's nothing worse than the feeling of going home after time away travelling, no matter how long you've been away from home it's never long enough. We made it our mission to make him forget by supplying him with alcohol. I think it momentarily worked. 

After far too much to drink, we all headed back to the hostel to sleep off the gin and wine. Me and Lewis headed up to the rooftop to check out the views of the city at night. This certainly did not dissapoint. Beautiful scenes.

We eventually admitted defeat and headed to sleep for a few hours before being awoken by the horrific hangover that was looming over us. I woke up still drunk and couldn't find my phone which is the worst thing to happen when away, when your phone is also your camera. I had a mope for a bit, ate some food and we settled down for the first nap of the day before heading out to attempt to see some city sights. We were all lying there quietly when there was a faint sound of an iphone ringing. My phone was alive! It was luckily in Lewis' pocket from last night, safe and sound and I was back in my happy but hungover place.

A small nap later, we dragged ourselves out and in convoy headed to the Recoleta Cemetary, which isn't the most uplifting place on a hangover. It took us about 45 minutes to walk there and I thought I may pass out on the regular. It was awesome though, very very grand.

After meandering around trying to act impressed, we gave up on culture and wanted a second nap, so jumped on the bus whilst trying not to be sick. Sarah had caught my cold, so she was struggling with both a hangover and my illness which I felt terribly guilty for. 

When we finally got back to the hostel in one piece, we made ourselves horizontal rapidly and slept off the remaining hangover. Lewis couldn't sleep, so I took one for the team after a small nap and kept him entertained. Because I'm decent like that you see. We planned steak for that evening and everything started to feel better at last.

Once everyone had awoken and felt fresh again, the Kiwi's had to run off to get their 18 hour long bus to Iguassu Falls. Not at all jealous. Myself, Sarah, Josh and Lewis headed out to exchange some dollars to pesos and ate our weight in steak. It really did melt away all hangover and all worries, apart from the fact I was heading home tomorrow but I tried not to think about this minor inconvenience (Nooooooooooooooo!)

Feeling utterly full and tired due to overeating, we headed back home via the shop because the crazy bastards Lewis and Josh decided they were heading out again that night. They stocked up on beers and we all chilled in our room whilst the boys drank and introduced us to some new tunes and told tales of their previous adventures. Sarah was struggling with the cold so nodded off and I wasn't far behind her. Lewis and Josh headed to the kitchen to get drinking with the others but it didn't last long as I heard Lewis get into bed at 10.30ish. Couldn't handle it. Weakling.

I awoke to more storms on my last morning which mirrored my feelings perfectly. So depressing. Me and Sarah headed out for a stroll and a coffee, where we reminisced and laughed about our South American adventure which I didn't want to end. We fitted so much into such a short amount of time, but I want to travel forever.

We went back to the hostel for the final time and waited for our taxi to the airport. We said our goodbyes to everyone and got in the Titanic lift with a heavy heart and my suitcase packed up for home. I had another unforgettable trip away, met some gorgeous people and had some truly unforgettable times. Getting to spend two solid weeks with my best friend is such a rare but amazing treat and I spent the whole journey home feeling completely gutted but also very lucky that I get the chance to travel so much. 

Until next time, world. You've been utterly mind blowing once again and I've fallen even more in love.