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São Paulo to Buenos Aires: The Journey

By Wednesday, August 05, 2015

My journey from Brazil to Argentina deserves it's own personal blog post because it has been oh so fabulous. Firstly, it was my first solo journey of our travels as Sarah had to take a later flight as it worked out cheaper (I don't get it either). So I was let loose in South America for 3 hours on my own and my homing pigeon skills sucked me in to Michael Kors. With no voice of reason to keep me in check, I was handing over my credit card and got a beautiful new purse. It is amazing but I'm scared to tell Sarah when I meet her in arrivals. I'm out of control. She normally keeps me on a tight leash.

As I'm wandering to my gate with a big I've-just-bought-some-designer-treats grin on my chops; I walk past a Margaritaville. This is a place from the BEST SCENE IN CINEMA HISTORY EVER where a guy runs away from dinosaurs in Jurrasic World and doesn't leave his margaritas behind, even though he's going to get eaten. Man after my own heart and a scene that still tickles me now. If I'd had time then I would have reenacted the scene but alas I did not.

Things just keep getting better from here. Firstly, I got an aisle seat which means ultimate leg room and I can pee as often as my little bladder desires. Secondly, there are full on TV's on the back of the seats. This kind of magic normally only happens on long haul flights. This is only 3 hours. I'm already in heaven. 

Right, thirdly, THIIIIRDLY... The captain comes on and talks us through how it's going to be a smooth flight (I'm typing this as turbulence is occurring, so one negative is he's a blatant liar but I digress) anyway, he's ENGLISH. Edward is his name. Beautiful British name. I haven't heard a British accent in over a week and I feel instantly comforted. Edward will keep me safe! Cheers Ed. Love ya.

The next reason. I think we're on four now. Is the humoungous selection of films on offer... It's a 3 hour flight so I must make the right decision here. Stressful times. I chose The Longest Ride which is a Nicholas Sparks film (creater of should-have-won-an-Oscar classic 'The Notebook') and I'm sure I'm on to a winner. As I recline my super comfortable seat and settle down to ride the emotional rollercoaster of my chosen film, the food cart comes round. This is the best moment of any flight BUT I'm in the exact seat that means I get served first. It's all too good to be true right now. What could top this I hear you cry?! WELL, I shall tell you. They serve gin. Beefeater London gin. Actually, they don't just serve it; they free pour the gin. No measurements. Just pouring it right in there until they feel like stopping. She poured in half a glass of gin, 3 ice cubes and a dash of tonic. If anything it's too strong but I'm seeing it off out of politeness. I'm too polite, me.

So I'm sat here happy as larry, sobbing into my Qatar napkin because the film has just got totes emosh, sipping on a G&T. Everything is wonderful right now. Apart from I think the child behind me just shit himself. Apart from that, I couldn't be happier. See you in a while Argentina... If my mate Ed can land this bitch in one piece. I'm relying on you buddddy! Over and out. 

EDIT: Edward landed us in one piece but it was touch and go. Storm a plenty and I thought we were going to die. He apologised though so he's back in my good books.