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Rio De Janeiro Round 2

By Saturday, August 08, 2015

Today was our day to be tourists, soak up some sun and get really rather drunk in Lapa. Friday nights in Lapa are mental apparently. They call it 'Lapa Loca' which I think just means crazy Lapa. It's terribly exciting and we are ready to drink allll of the gin.

We decided to sign up to the day tour with our hostel which takes you to Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain and also some other bits and bobs we've already done like the colourful stairs, but it was the most convenient way to see Christ and Sugarloaf. We had the morning to go drink coconuts and sunbathe on our favourite spot at Ipanema and we got so lucky with the weather. As I was really, really burnt in the face and didn't want it to fall off, I had to create some sort of turban/face mask to hide myself from the rays. Sexy lady.

After hopefully becoming a good couple of shades darker, we went and got ready for Christ! We were really lucky with the weather to go up and see him as a couple of guys we met went up when it was cloudy and only got photos of the bottom of him. Which made a hilarious photo but I would not have been impressed.

We drove seriously high up and the sights were absolutely incredible. You could see the whole of the city and just how huge it was! Then we got our first glimpse of Christ and it was so awesome. Normally with attractions that are supposed to be absolutely mind blowing, I feel a bit like Karl Pilkington: underwhelmed. But Christo was epic. We became full on tourists and got out my selfie stick to get proper angles. Note that I'm not a selfie stick user on the regular, but there are times it helps. I promise. Don't judge.

Isn't he a sexy bastard! Not sure if you can stay that about Christ, but I just did.

Next up we headed to Sugar Loaf mountain as the sun set. Saw this beaut en route. There he iiiiis!

It was absolutely freezing and the clouds were rolling in like they always did in the evening, so it did not look like it was going to be a success. We were quite miserable at this point as it was cold and we couldn't see a pissing thing, but when the cable car came out of the clouds at the top, we could see everything and it was so beautiful. The whole city lit up with Christ the Redeemer glowing super bright in the distance. So, so pretty! 

The pictures don't quite do it justice, but with the clouds rolling below the mountain and all of the lights shining through, it was stunning. You can just about make out Christ in the top left of the photos.

Going down in the cable car was like the beginning of a horror story though as it was super dark and super misty. Jurassic Park all over again. We survived though and headed back feeling content and in our super giggly mood that makes me cry and my stomach hurt. Perfect start to a night on the booze! 

We got back to the hostel and were told there was a huge bucket of free Caiprihana in the garden for us which was music to our ears and we equipped ourselves with straws and got straight on it. We made a bit of an effort with our appearance which was a nice change. Actually straightened my hair... What a treat. And then went hardcore on the 'skinny bitches' which involve a lot of fresh lime, vodka and fizzy water. Refreshing and lethal.

After a few too many, we all jumped on the bus to Lapa which took forever. The buses in Brazil are mental and they drive like lunatics. I don't think suspension is a thing and mixed with an hour journey and lots of vodkas, I needed a wee desperately. We had to make a pit stop at a petrol station where they actually charge you for the pleasure of urinating. 

Anyway, Lapa really was crazy. There's people everywhere just drinking and partying in the streets, bars that are scattered all around selling cheap booze and just drunk people on a rampage. We all stopped off at a street bar for a couple (whiskey was involved. Vom) and then headed to a club which was a pretty scary experience. We were getting grabbed left right and centre by overly confident men. I don't know what they thought they would achieve, but it certainly wasn't pleasant. Luckily after a few bevvies I can hold my own so I was grabbing Sarah back and the guys we were with were being our bodyguards. Beside that, it was a great night. So much booze, so much dancing and too much fun. We got in at 5.30am and had a couple of hours sleep before dying quietly on the beach the next day. I say quietly, my hangovers are not quiet. I am very vocal about every feeling and emotion. There's a few when I feel vulnerable.

I thought I was going to throw up caipirinha all day but luckily I narrowly avoided it. I napped on Thiago for the afternoon before heading to bed ridiculously early in preparation for getting up at 5am again to head to Iguassu Falls! We're staying in a hostel made of shipping containers called Tetris, which sounds pretty damn cool to me.