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Little Minx

By Sunday, April 17, 2011

After hearing all about the craze of Minx, combined with my love of crazy nails, I decided to try it to see if it was as special as its cracked up to be! You can get a Minx pedicure or just the Minx application, which costs £20 and was the one I opted for. Application takes about 20 minutes, roughly, and there are tons of designs to choose from. The leopard print is apparently extremely popular, but I decided to go for the studded look, as it looked sa-weeeeeet, and the studs look real. A-ma-zing.
I highly recommend, they last for weeks and look simply beautiful.
A day of pampering is what every girl needs once in a while...And that is fact.

Minx Studded Nails,
Beauty UK Lipstick in Candy,
Perfect Girl Eye Lusious Falsh Eyelashes,
China Glaze nail polish in Pink Voltage