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New Chapter

By Friday, May 20, 2016 , ,

Since I last posted on my once again completely abandoned blog, some major excitement has occurred. Not only did I have the dream holiday with one of my best friends to the Maldives, but I also made the utterly petrifying decision to try and start a new chapter living in Australia!

So, as I write this I am sat in my cute little house on Bondi Beach and am feeling pretty damn smug with myself actually.

It all happened pretty quickly and the last few months have been mad, but it's the best decision I've made in a long time. I'm a happy bean and am on a mission to hunt down my Bondi Lifeguard husband whilst drinking Sydney's whole supply of gin.

Since I came to Australia with my best friend 8 years ago, I've always wanted to give living here a go whilst I could still get my Working Holiday Visa. I'm getting old, fast, so thought 26 was a good age to give Sydney a bash.

On my post-Christmas escape in the Maldives with Charlotte, I decided 2016 was the year to leave, and a month later, I was on the plane flying half way around the world.

I didn't have a plan at all really and didn't know how long I would be away for or when I'd go home. I thought I could arrive and really not enjoy myself and be home within 2 months, or I could stay for my 2 years and see what happens. It was the scariest and most exciting decision I've made.

Having a really, really close knit group of friends at home made it super difficult as I didn't want to say bye for a year and be forgotten. Also being really close with my mum made it doubly as hard, but walking through departures at Heathrow was the most invigorating feeling ever. I did have a little cry over a bottle of champers, but I had to show some emotion ya know!

I had a smashing couple of leaving events and got showered in love and well wishes by my favourite people in the world, before being let loose on my own to try and survive. So far I am surviving. Great news.

I landed in Melbourne and Jacky G picked me up at the airport to begin my adventure. Fresh off the plane, we went for breakfast and caught up and got terribly excited. After an epic nap, we decided the best idea was to check out Chin Chin for some deeeelicious nosh and ended up getting royally smashed in true Brits abroad stylee. Woke up with a major hangover and minor jet leg. Great combination.

Melbourne flew by and a week of catching up, sightseeing, eating, drinking and napping was over too quickly and I hopped on my plane to meet Jamie in Sydney and start setting up my new life!

As soon as I met J at the airport, I felt like Sydney was the place for me. We caught up, reminisced about our old London life and drank champagne whilst looking over Bondi Beach. Life is better in Sydney than Streatham.

I've been in Australia for 3 months now and I've got myself a swish job, a beautiful beach side lad pad and some fabulous friends. If I could transport all of my family and friends from home to Bondi, life would be pretty perfect right now.