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By Monday, October 13, 2014

It was my birthday last week and I was well and truly spoilt! I'm only just recovering from the celebrations by spending the day drinking tea before heading off to see Nick Mulvey this evening. Perfect end to a wonderful birthday!

I get terribly excited about my birthday and those who have experienced living with me over the years have to put up with it for about a month before. I'm the same with Christmas and I admit I can be unbearable, but I will always be a big kid.

This year was especially magical and I managed to drag it out for about a week. It started off with an evening of cocktails and a bushtucker trial at my Dads. Dad was inspired by my recent snake eating experience in Cambodia and I had to eat various different creepy crawlies before being allowed to open my pressie! It was a very good idea, although gag-worthy, I washed them down with Dad's favourite whiskey and was rewarded with a beautiful iPad mini! For dinner we were treated to some more exotic food... Crocodile, alpaca, zebra and kangaroo steaks! Delicious.

For my actual birthday I was unfortunately at work, but my lovely colleagues made me feel very special with a cake made of scones, pizza for lunch and some gorgeous presents.

Then came the epic London weekend. On Friday night I'd arranged to pick up my shiny new Mini Cooper (birthday present to myself!) and had dinner and champagne plans with my best friend and mum. Again, I was totally spoilt! Showered with love, champagne and some truly wonderful gifts.

The following morning Sarah and I headed to London for Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea at the Sanderson Hotel, followed by a gin fuelled night with some of my favourite faces.

I had the best week of celebrations and I was made to feel so loved and special. Becoming 25 was perfect.