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By Sunday, July 12, 2015

This is why my blog will never have more than 1 reader. I cannot post every day. I am officially useless. I have been spending my time having far too much fun and neglecting my love of writing (if we can call it that)

In my time away from the blog, I've been planning my next epic travel sesh with the best witch, Sarah. It is 12 days today until I jet off to meet her in Rio de Janeiro where we will be soaking up the sun, seeing the obvious sights and travelling to Buenos Aires via Iguassu Falls. I'm only going to Argentina to eat alllll of the steak and drink allll of the red wine. Wine tip I have learnt along the way... Always buy a red from Argentina and you will not be disappointed. So far so true in my experience. I'm also going to learn the Argentinian tango. That will go well.

I've been spending much of my time drinking champagne with my favourite faces, winning lots of money and being sophisticated at Goodwood, dressing up as an astronaut and not remembering much at the rugby sevens and running riot around my home town in a whirlwind of gin, beautiful people and bad hangovers. Summer is definitely the time for over drinking and creating fabulous memories.

Oh, and I read a book. Not a big achievement you may say. It is. I used to love reading but have struggled to find a book that I can get into in a long time. I met someone who we shall call mystery man on a night out, went to the casino, laughed a lot and he gave me a screenplay of Closer. Loved it. Very sad. Very cool. Thank you.

Instagram update below. Time to go and plan where the hell I'm staying in Rio and try to find my Brazil ready bod. Second one is going to be difficult. Had Domino's last night. Shit.