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Whirlwind Asian Adventure

By Sunday, September 28, 2014

Although I had to put my serious travel plans on hold for the time being, it didn't stop me shooting off for two weeks to explore Thailand and Cambodia in super speed.

Travelling is my one true love and I'm on a mission to see the world, one bite sized piece at a time.
Sarah and I first went travelling back in 2009 just before we both moved away to university (in neighbouring cities of course. We can't be separated for too long!) We were both very young and very naive but we booked a 7 week round the world ticket and got planning. We started in LA, then onto Fiji, New Zealand, Australia and Thailand. I was so naive, I thought they gave me pyjamas in our first LA hostel, when in fact it was our bedsheets. I nearly cried. I had never experienced sharing a room with 12 other strangers and having to actually make your own bed! Where's the room service in this hotel?! I had so much to learn.

We had the best seven weeks of our lives and even though they were silly little things like experiencing hostels for the first time and navigating our way around different countries on our own; we learnt so much.

The weeks flew by in a flurry of fun, excitement and some added swine flu.
We well and truly caught the bug and I knew I wanted to travel as much as I could.
And that is what we do.

The following year after our first year of uni, we booked a 5 week interrail pass around Europe and packed our backpacks once more.

We've finished uni now and I'm in a full time grown-up-persons job whilst Sarah is being the brainy one and studying to be a doctor, so we don't have quite as much time as we would like (or money!) However, any opportunity that we get we pack up and escape for an adventure.

This year we had planned to go away for a month, but with my shiny new job I could only take two weeks. Sarah booked a ticket to return in a months time and I had to book a return in two weeks. Sarah's wonderful chap met us in Cambodia on my last 3 days and they carried on for a couple of weeks whilst I cried back to the real world and the impending Monday morning blues. Thirty hours is a lot of time to wallow in self pity, I tell you now.

In our two weeks we did so much. We started in the trusty favourite Bangkok at the D&D inn on Koh San road. We had lots of gin on our rooftop bar and planned the rest of our trip.

We went from Bangkok - Phuket - Phi Phi - Koh Samui - Koh Tao - Siem Reap (Cambodia). I'm a keen video maker and have made this 25 minute memoir for me and Sarah to watch and reminisce in years to come...

Time to get planning our next adventure.