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By Wednesday, February 01, 2012 , ,

Again, I've not posted on here for a long while. New Years came and went, January zoomed by at 100 miles an hour and it is already February, leaving me with just three months to attempt to gain an acceptable degree. Stressful cannot begin to explain it, I was warned of this struggle but of course I thought I would be the exception to that third year rule. WRONG!
So, I'm spending my days reading hundreds of books and articles on fashion related topics to try and muster together 8000 words on the role of the woman within punk fashion, filling out post grad applications and trying to compile a magazine on burlesque dancers, sex clubs and strippers. GOOD LORD.

Anyway, in the midst of all this excitement, I've managed to get creative and discovered some more wonderful fashion finds that make me weak at the knees.

Firstly, I've recently unveiled the intricate and beautifully hand crafted art work of Robert Ryan, with his sentimental and romantic laser cut prints, he truly is a spectacle. After lots of lusting over his work, I stumbled across this incredible dress which was featured in Vogue... An absolute work of art.

Stunning! I want a wall full of his work please.

Secondly, I know this is old news for everyone out there in the fashion world, but I want/need/pine after this Alexander Wang studded bag.

Valentines day? Yeeeeeah!

Thirdly, I'm all about my nail art and I had the perfect excuse to get creative last weekend. My gorgeous man had his birthday a couple of weeks ago and decided to have a day of all day drinking, missioning around London, visiting a pub at every place on the monopoly board... Ohhhh pub monopoly, never again will I play your silly games. Far too much walking and rushing for my liking. However, I got into the spirit by painting the nails with a monopoly theme. That's dedication to the cause.

Done and done!