Faux Pas

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By Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Commodified desires and images are the strings regulating the puppet show of self . . . Self-presentations are increasingly intertwined with popular imagery, at times becoming parodies of the media images and celebrities. Life, or at least subjectivity, imitates mass-produced art."

Sad truths.

So, researching for a final project at uni and I stumble across many a interesting read on the whole carbon copy culture of todays fashion world. Individuality is key, yet people still seem to buy into the images society forces upon us. If dressing yourself is meant to be about self identity and portraying yourself the way you want, why do people buy into the mass marketed fashion. How can we create a sense of ourselves when people simply dress as the mass marketed images just to be accepted? People buy into lifestyles not just clothes, they are attracted to the connotations certain labels hold and the marketing of a label rather than the item itself. Who cares if you don't like the item, society says you'll fit in if you wear it, so why not buy in to fitting in. So if you own a Hollister gilet, you're clearly wealthy, attractive and stupidly popular? No. You're probably not, but you can pretend to be as that's what society is supposed to believe.
Of course everyone loves to chill out in a pair of joggers, I'm not saying that, what I am saying is that a bit of individuality is always refreshing.