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Victorious Festival

By Saturday, September 05, 2015

Once a year my gorgeous hometown hosts a beautiful beachside festival called Victorious. It always falls over the bank holiday weekend meaning we have to drink gin for 48 hours. What a shame, hey? It gets bigger and better every year and it's a perfect place to bump into old faces and catch up with long lost friends over some tunes and copious amounts of cider.

This year didn't dissapoint. Myself and Hember threw ourselves in and survived both days (it was touch and go). We had a couple of hours moaning over breakfast on Sunday morning but the alcohol soon topped itself up and we were back on form, causing all kinds of trouble as per usual. We found a stag do, which seems to happen EVERY time we go out. It's now tradition.

In true British style, it decided to absolutely shit it down on the Saturday which resulted in see through tshirts and people falling over in the mud. No one gave a shit and we all danced and drank together in a giant, muddy field and looked like we'd all showered together fully clothed. I developed an afro. It was beautiful.

Bring on next year. Let's see if you can top Basement Jaxx... It'll be tough, Victorious.

Day 1: Clarks boots (RIP), Topshop shorts, Boohoo croptop, Zara cardigan.

Day 2: Topshop shorts, Zara shirt, Saturday induced hangover.