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Locher's for 2b Scene

By Wednesday, October 03, 2012

New post for 2b-Scene.

(I've done a post on Locher's in the past, but I love them)

Locher's Paris

By Emma Wood

There's nothing better than accessorising a killer outfit with a bit of subtle naughtiness, and Locher's deliver the IDEAL gems to showcase your inner minx. I've raved about Locher's in the past, as they make super girly jewellery decorated with pastel coloured bows, glitzy gems and cute charms. Yet if you look closer they are laced with a little bit of filth. Using french phrases as 'petite salope' which translates as 'little slut' and 'sans culotte' which means 'no panties', no-one will ever suspect your beautiful necklace could be so rude!

They have recently released some new pieces and I've picked out my favourites and I want them all. Locher's truly are genius.

With free worldwide shipping and items frequently added to the sale section, there really is no excuse not to purchase a few items. It's my birthday next week, so these are all on my birthday list.

'I Want You Boy'
Straight to the point, why bother holding back? Decorated with a tiny star shaped shell and a 'purrrr' charm on the neck.

'Swear Like a Sailor'
A double sided necklace. One side stating 'Oh Merde!' for those inevitable moments in the day that you just need to swear and the other side decorated with a cute bow. Flip it to match your mood. Clever.

'Oh Paris, Sweet Paris'
Every girl dreams of being whisked off to Paris and this necklace is a perfect way to hint to the fella in your life. With an Eiffel Tower charm combined with a red heart and an engraved 'bissou' charm, which means 'kiss' in French, it is every Paris lovers dream.

'Let's Make Out'
Decorated with a 'oh yeah!' charm and all subtlety out the window. Cheeky!

'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun'
It's true, they really do, so let it be known. An added 'yeah' charm on the back to emphasise the point and decorated with a small pink star, it is super cute.

'Best Friends'
Choose the level of naughtiness you want. With four different options, you get two necklaces so you and your best bitch can have matching statement pieces. Options are: 'Best Friends' 'Best Bitches' 'Best Fuckin' Bitches' 'Best Fuckin' Friends'. LOVE IT.

'I'm the Best Damn Thing'
Let the world know exactly what you are. Some may call it arrogant, but I call it confidence.

'Heart and Arrow'
A personalised necklace to have you and your main mans initials inside a heart. With the added bit of romance that it's handmade in Paris... I'll have this one please!

'The Dating Game'
Another double sided necklace to flip depending on your status. If you're single and ready to mingle you can flash the 'Sure. Why not?' side and if you're loved up, then keep it on the 'Nope. Taken' side. Get involved.