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Abandoned ship.

By Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Over the past few months I have been totally useless at this writing malarky. Having graduated a year ago now and still not having found a job doing something I love, I've had a life crisis and have abandoned the fashion ship. However, I've missed this world so I am back. For how long, who knows, but I return for now.

I've done lots of fun things since January and one of those included my second Future Cinema experience. This time we got to dress up in our finest 1940s attire and head to The Troxy (which was set up as Rick's Cafe) in London for a Casablanca themed evening. We danced to live jazz, mingled with characters from the film and sipped on cocktails all night. It really was as special as it sounds. Think guys with quiffs in white tux's and the ladies in heels, fur and their best frocks. Here's some photos to provide you a tiiiiny glimpse into the fun we had.

Future Cinema is simply the best. 
You can be in your favourite film for a night and get lost in whichever era that may be.