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Marc Jacobs Love

By Monday, January 10, 2011

So, my love for Marc Jacobs first started when I was 16 and lay my eyes upon the Stam. My 18th birthday rolled around and having wanted a Marc for so long, I thought I would use some inheritence from my grandparents and it could be like their 18th birthday present to me.
I went to London and as soon as I walked in the shop, instantly changed my mind from the Stam and bought the Alyona. It is timeless and just gorgeous.

Carrying the oversized, white Marc Jacobs carrier bag around was just as exciting as the prospect of what was inside.

My favourite Marc Jacobs find, some may even call this a top bargain hunt, was in the Paris store in the summer. Me and my good friend Amy could not, and would not, walk past without going in and feeling up all the clothes and lusting over the handbags. We spotted some bright pink, blue and yellow purses at the till for 12 euros. Marc Jacobs for £9! We were sold. I have a deep love for Marc, a deep love for Paris and together they threw me a wonderful surprise.